The Ekolos range hood series by Pacific Range Hood Limited entered the North America market to meet the increasing demand for high output cooking equipment and built-in appliances for modern and stylish kitchens. Our goal is to create a product that combines great product design, quality, and features to meet the needs of today’s lifestyle.  Ekolos, the ancient Greek word for convenience, aims to make the cooking lives of families easier and more convenient.

Acknowledging the growing needs of stronger ventilation cooking systems in the market, our strategy is to create a model line that is favored by all families.  Ekolos suits any kitchens today, range hood models from the non-ducted recirculation hood, popular duct vented under-mount; to the custom power packs and the modern canopy. The sophisticated product design, with features such as superior ventilation power and Ultra Quiet Mode (UQM) are combined into one, without the need of disposable filters, Ekolos range hoods are easy to clean and environmental friendly.

Ekolos range hood is a part of Pacific’s unwavering commitment to provide the best possible products at competitive prices for customers.  We can confidently state that our high quality models are more than meet the needs of consumers today.

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